J&A Kitchen Cabinet, Malaysia’s unique kitchen cabinet creation with 13 years of experience.

J&A Kitchen Cabinet, Malaysia’s unique kitchen cabinet creation with 13 years of experience.

J&A KITCHEN CABINET is based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and has years of experience in interior design and carpentry works. J&A KITCHEN CABINET was founded by two young people. After graduating, we relocated from the countryside to Kuala Lumpur to gain experience in the interior design and carpentry industries.

We both have the same ambition: we want to start our businesses and be our bosses in the near future. We are working extremely hard and quickly to achieve our goal! Our entrepreneurial journey began after we gained two years of industry experience and know-how. We direct interior design and carpentry projects by guiding and advising workers from partnered factories to ensure that customers’ expectations are met.

We decided to open our factory and do in-house carpentry work in 2011. As a result, J&A Kitchen Cabinet was born! Unconsciously, the time has flown by, despite the fact that the factory has been in operation for eight years. J&A Kitchen Cabinet became a furniture manufacturer within eight years, and all of our products are manufactured in our factory. As a result, all of our customers will be able to obtain high-quality goods at a reasonable price.


Our company’s vision is to become a cabinet manufacturing and operation enterprise in Malaysia’s cabinet industry


Our company’s mission is to innovate for customer needs, strive to meet changing customer needs, and provide quality products and services.

Why Choose J&A Kitchen Cabinet?

Great Service  

J&A Kitchen Cabinet is offering better services to our customers and great quality.

Assistance & Consultation

We provide a professional and experienced individual who can fully assist our customers. They will be shown a catalogue that includes all of the services and an explanation.

Honesty & Integrity

Customers are given recommendations, and the company believes that its products and services are reasonably priced. We only use the best products and materials from the most reputable and well-known manufacturers.

J&A Services

Wardrobe Cabinet

  • A wardrobe cabinet is an essential component of any bedroom. It adds storage space to your entire bedroom. We provide a wide range of products and custom bedroom built-in wardrobe designs to allow you to create a storage space that is completely unique to your needs. Sliding Doors Wardrobe, Open Doors Wardrobe, Swing Doors Wardrobe, Folding Doors Wardrobe, Walk-in Concept Wardrobe, Modern Wardrobe, or Classic Wardrobe.

Kitchen Cabinet

  • The kitchen is an essential component of any home. As a result, the kitchen cabinet is an important factor in representing the overall kitchen design and concept. We have a wide selection of the most recent kitchen cabinet designs and concepts, including Contemporary Kitchens, Modern Kitchens, Classic kitchens, Island kitchens, and Solid Wood kitchens. We will tailor it to your preferences.

WCPCC sincerely thanks to J&A Kitchen Cabinet (M) Sdn. Bhd. for participating in our Consumer Protection Brand Certification and advocating consumer rights in business operations. Together we build a vibrant and prosperous world of the business community!!!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cabinetmalaysia

Website: https://www.jakitchencabinet.my/

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