Malaysia’s Automotive Flushing Machine by CYC.

Malaysia’s Automotive Flushing Machine by CYC.

C Y C    O N E    S T O P    A U T O M O T I V E     S D N .    B H D .

CYC One Stop Automotive Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 2020 by Mr Tan Peng Choon (The Director). Mr. Tan has been in the profession for over 25 years and owns his own car workshop in Puchong Taman Mas. CYC is a car workshop and a machine trading and machine modify company they provide car repair & maintenance, tires, air-conditioning, HYBRID service, automotive flushing machine service, and ultrasonic cleaning service. The company offers an automotive flushing machine for other car workshops of whole Malaysia and foreign countries.  Currently, all the machine product materials are sourced directly from China manufacturers and do further modification by their own formula and method to update the functions of the machine and stabilize.

The Company Vision and Mission.

The company’s vision and mission are to be an automotive flushing machine supplier in Malaysia, as well as to establish its own factory and manufacturer in Malaysia, as well as develop local automotive flushing machines that are suitable use for all local car models, in order to ensure people understand the flushing machines and are able to solve car problems with this excellent machine.

CYC wants to become when customer walk in our shop who can feel that we have an image of a 4s car service center. CYC can provide High-end repair technology and equipment service and have a comfortable environment for car owners to wait for their car and can show our service be more transparent.

Why Choose CYC products?

The whole family of CYC Automotive Flushing Machines has an ENGINE LUBRICANT OIL FLUSHING MACHINE, ENGINE COOLING SYSTEM FLUSHING MACHINE, BRAKE FLUID SYSTEM FLUSHING MACHINE, COMBUSTION CHAMBER BLASTER MACHINE, and AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUSHING MACHINE. The machines are built to handle specialized tasks involving engine lubricant systems, engine cooling systems, brake fluid systems, combustion cleaning, and Gear oil systems.

However, through the machine, we can non-dismantle the engine to process the deep maintenance and repair to restore the engine’s function and maintain the engine’s performance operation The automotive flushing machine can save labor time to allow employees to have more time to focus on technical work. At the same time, car owners can also get more effective, transparent, and precise maintenance results for their cars.


  • Engine Internal Cleaning Agent
  • Advance Efficient Engine Protection
  • Cooling System Cleaner Agent
  • Five-In-One Fuel System Protection Agent
  • Carbon Deposit Treatment Fluid
  • Air Fuel Ratio Corrector
  • Oil Seal Actuator
  • Engine High-Efficiency Flushing Oil
  • Engine Lubricant Oil Flushing Machine
  • Engine Cooling System Flushing Machine
  • Brake Fluid System Flushing Machine
  • Combustion Chamber Blaster Machine
  • Automotive Transmission Flushing Machine
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine

WCPCC sincerely thanks to CYC One Stop Automotive Sdn. Bhd. for participating in our Consumer Protection Brand Certification and advocating consumer rights in business operations. Together we build a vibrant and prosperous world of the business community!!!

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