Malaysia’s Future Translator Pen.

Malaysia’s Future Translator Pen.



Ms. Joanna Lou, the managing director, became interested in this educational business because her kid was unable to communicate in Malaysia’s three (3) official languages which are Malay, and English. Her son is solely fluent in Mandarin. In early April 2021, the corporation produced its own device and presented to people how their technology may assist younger modern generations in Malaysia in learning and speaking three languages.

The device carries all school lessons and can take images and scan using only the device pen. Every day, the company adds additional words to the dictionary and includes their definitions. A dictionary pen typically refers to a handheld electronic device designed to assist users in looking up words and their meanings quickly and conveniently. These devices are often used as language learning tools and can come with various features and capabilities.

The business has gained its achievements in that they have sold more than 20 electronic devices per month. Furthermore, the company is proud to have achieved its goals in just the first few years of establishing itself and attracting customers to its product brand.

Graceful Goals

The goal of the business is to see the next generation study languages in a smart and modern way.


  • G1
  • G1 Pro
  • G1 Pro Max

Why Choose Graceful G1 Pro?

Language Learning

For language learners, these devices offer the opportunity to learn new words and phrases, understand context, and improve pronunciation through audio assistance.

Efficiency and Ease of Use

Users can quickly look up familiar words or phrases without the need for an external dictionary or online translation service, saving time and effort. Dictionary and translator pens are often designed for simplicity, making them accessible to users of various ages and language proficiency levels.


The pens are compact and easy to carry, making them convenient for travellers, students, and professionals who need to work with multiple languages on the go.

Instant Definitions

G1 Pro Max scanned or highlighted with the pen, the device provides an immediate display of the word’s definition. This can be especially helpful for people who encounter unfamiliar words during reading.

Audio Pronunciation G1 Pro Max dictionary pens also offer audio pronunciation of words, which can be useful for language learners and individuals looking to improve their pronunciation skills and are equipped with a scanning or recognition technology that allows users to scan printed text, such as words in a book or on a printed page.

WCPCC sincerely thanks to Graceful Ai Technology Sdn. Bhd. for participating in our Consumer Protection Brand Certification and advocating consumer rights in business operations. Together we build a vibrant and prosperous world of the business community!!!

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