Malaysia’s Most Recommended Skincare & Health Care

Malaysia’s Most Recommended Skincare & Health Care



Olicell Group is one of the leading direct selling companies which carried its own unique brand named Cellglo. Cellglo series products are specially formulated in France by a professional research team. Olicell Group strives to produce the most effective products with the highest quality ingredients. The business collaborates with its Agents & Dealers worldwide in order to engineer products that deliver sound business results. They offer a tremendous amount of value to their partnering Agents & Dealers.


  • Olicell Group strives to create passionate life for everyone.
  • A passionate life is defined by strong enthusiasm towards all aspects of a daily life event which include physical, mental, spiritual, economic, financial, familial, and social.


Olicell Group strives to meet all your daily needs in the skincare and healthcare regime by providing top-quality products which are natural, safe, and effective. They strive to fulfill customer satisfaction with the best quality products and comprehensive customer service. The business-authorized dealers are well-trained and able to provide the most professional advice together with excellent service.

Why Choose Cellglo?

Pioneering the latest advance in wellness & beauty, Cellglo provides various products which are specially formulated in France. With the advanced “Hydro Extraction” method from France, the business ensure that all botanical extracts conserve their nutrients and assure their products deliver significant efficacy to consumers.

Research & Innovation

Cellglo series products are specially formulated in France by a professional research team. The business strives to produce natural yet effective formulas by searching for top-quality ingredients. The ratio of all-natural ingredients is fine-tuned for the best result to ensure the high efficacy of the end products.

The business believes the uniqueness of Cellglo products will bring us to the next milestone in success.

Cellglo Wellness Products

  • Preservative Free
  • Gluten Free
  • GMO-Free
  • Coloring Free
  • Animal Free
  • Heavy Metal Free

Cellglo Skincare Series

  • Paraben Free
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Colouring Free
  • SLS Free
  • No Artificial Fragrance


  • Cellglo Crème 21
  • Cellglo Moisturizing Sunscreen
  • Cellglo Crystals Eyes
  • Cellglo Deep Cleansing Bar
  • Cellglo Blanc Pur
  • Cellglo Mince Beaute
  • Cellglo M’Rcal Silk Mask

WCPCC sincerely thanks Olicell Group (M) SDN. BHD. for participating in our Consumer Protection Brand Certification and advocating consumer rights in business operations. Together we build a vibrant and prosperous world of the business community!!

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