Top Recommended Ice Cream In Cameron Highland, Malaysia.

Top Recommended Ice Cream In Cameron Highland, Malaysia.

About Us

PUKU Ice-cream started as a small cafe in 2015 which was run by Mr. Foo & his wife Ms. Goh after they returned from New Zealand. The idea of the Puku Ice-cream was inspired by their life during their stay in New Zealand and decided to start producing ice cream in Cameron Highlands. Noticing there is not much ice cream in Cameron Highlands market where they set out to make great ice cream that is made fresh locally by using the fresh Cameron Highlands fruits & ingredients. 

Today, the business is privileged to connect with hundreds of customers every day and become one of the leading ice-cream production houses located at an altitude of 1610 meters above sea level in Cameron Highlands. By then, their ice-cream business is expanding across the country and it’s now available in several states such as Perak, Penang & Kedah as well.


The company’s vision is to create a sweet experience while enjoying PUKU ice-cream.


To become a well-known ice-cream brand in Cameron Highlands & across the nation.

Why Choose Puku Café?

Premium Taste 

The product has a premium taste since the major components (cream) are sourced from New Zealand. Some of the flavored powders are also imported from Taiwan.

Quality Control

PUKU ice cream is manufactured and packaged appropriately. In addition, they have evaluated the quality of our products to make sure they are good and safe for their clients.

Fresh Ingredient

Real strawberries are molded into their signature strawberry yogurt Ice-cream (which is very viral in Cameron since 2015). The business strawberry ice cream is made with daily fresh harvest strawberries from their own strawberry farm.

Customer Service Experience 

PUKU ice-cream genuinely cares about the well-being of its customers and ensures that they deliver the finest customer service to customers.

Our Products & Services

  • PUKU Ice-cream (total of 12 flavors) 
  • PUKU Ice-cream Croissant (total of 6 flavors) 
  • PUKU Fresh Strawberry Concentrate Juice 

(Idea for strawberry juice, Strawberry cake, etc)

Congratulations PUKU CAFE on receiving “Consumer Protection Certification” and has successfully pass the audit assessment by World Consumer Protection Chamber of Commerce (WCPCC)

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