WCPCC “Organizational Coherence” Event By Dr Jerry Fu.

WCPCC “Organizational Coherence” Event By Dr Jerry Fu.

The World Consumer Protection Chamber of Commerce (WCPCC) successfully held the “Organizational Coherence” event on July 20, 2023! This is a remarkable event that brings together outstanding leaders from every aspect of life, providing us with wonderful moments!

Special thanks to Dr. Jerry Fu for coming. As a special guest, he brought us wonderful sharing and unique insights. His speech benefited the entrepreneurs present and explored a new path of business development.
This event brought together elite leaders from all walks of life to share the integration of business resources while also introducing business prospects for exchanges and cooperation. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our entrepreneurs to collaborate in order to grow and create a better future!

The atmosphere at the event was warm, and every participant actively communicated and sought business opportunities together. We believe that such cooperation will bring you a broader space for business development, let us move forward hand in hand and march towards the road to success together!

Finally, We sincerely thank every guest and entrepreneur who participated in the “Organizational Coherence” activity. Your support and participation made this event even more exciting and successful!
If you also want to join us, share business resources, and develop business opportunities for exchange and cooperation, please continue to pay attention to our future activities. Let us go hand in hand to create a brilliant future!

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